Suitable for outside

Suitable for jumping outside.
Due to its durability, this DOUBLE DUTCH BEADED METHODICAL is better suited for jumping outside. It will of course be worn by frequent use, but this will go less quickly than the use of e.g. a Licorice Rope.

Double Dutch beaded methodical

€ 14.95

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A set of two equally long ropes of a little less than 5 meters for DOUBLE DUTCH BEADED METHODICAL.

Double Dutch Beaded Methodical
the ultimate set for the schoolyard.
Double Dutch is a group form of Rope Skipping in with two turners are required to rotate the ropes in alternating directions. In these spinning ropes one or more people can jump.This form of Rope Skipping is one of the most enjoyable forms for, eg in demonstrations, in group jumping or in competitions.
A set consists of two DOUBLE DUTCH BEADED METHODISCH, a red beaded and a white beaded, slightly less than 5 meters (16ft).
Because of the color difference is jumping in and out more easily to be learned.

Comes with a carrying / storage pouch.