Suitable for outside

Suitable for jumping outside.
Due to its durability, this BEADED SHORT HANDLE PACKAGE is better suited for jumping outside. It will of course be worn by frequent use, but this will go less quickly than the use of e.g. a Licorice Rope.

Beaded short handle package

€ 94.95

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Perfect for Playground,
great for P.E. Classes must have for Teams.!!
This BEADED PACKAGE with shorthandles includes the following products:
  • 1x Long Rope Beaded.
  • 1x Double Dutch Beaded methodical.
You can also choose from 3 of the following items.
  • 4x 6ft Single Rope Beaded   -- under 4'0" (1.30m) .
  • 4x 7ft Single Rope Beaded -- 4'0" to 4'9" (1.30m - 1.50m) .
  • 4x 8ft Single Rope Beaded -- 4'10" to 5'3" (1.50m - 1.70m) .
  • 4x 9ft Single Rope Beaded -- 5'4" to 5'10" (1.70m - 1.90m) .
  • 4x 10ft Single Rope Beaded -- 5'11" + (1.90m +).
If your choice is not listed, please contact us using the contact page. In principle any combination of 12 sizes SINGLE ROPE BEADED Jump Ropes with shorthandles from the list is possible!