Suitable for outside

Suitable for jumping outside.
Due to its durability, this MAKE-YOUR-OWN SINGLE Rope Longhandle Beaded is better suited for jumping outside. It will of course be worn by frequent use, but this will go less quickly than the use of e.g. a Licorice Rope.

Create-your-own rope beaded long handles

€ 12.45

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Something special? The MAKE-YOUR-OWN SINGLE Rope Longhandle Beaded.

Create a Unique Rope with
different possibilities and Colors.
Create your MAKE-YOUR-OWN SINGLE Rope Beaded with Longhandles!
1. Choose the right length.
2. Choose your color Longhandles.
3. Choose your color polypropylene core
4. Choose one or more colors of Beads.
5. For a extra € 1,50 you can pick the Foam grips for more comfort.

It is much more fun when you have a rope with a different size or color and you can also choose a different color handle
You get your choice of these components separately delivered in a bag, after which you can build it completely to your own wish.

If several colors of Beads are chosen the Beads will be evenly distributed by color over the total number of Beads.