Use only indoors

Do not use for Jumping outside.
We strongly recommend using this MAKE-YOUR-OWN ROPE LICORICE shorthandles indoors on PVC or Wooden floor.

Create-your-own rope licorice short handles

€ 7.45

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Something special? The MAKE-YOUR-OWN SINGLE Rope Shorthandle Licorice.

Create a Unique Rope with
different possibilities and Colors.
Create your MAKE-YOUR-OWN SINGLE Rope with Shorthandles!
1. Choose the right length.
2. Choose your color Licorice (plastic).
3. Choose your color Shorthandles.

It is much more fun when you have a rope with a different size or color and you can also choose a different color handle.
You get your choice of these components separately delivered in a bag, after which you can build it completely to your own wish.