Use only indoors

Do not use for Jumping outside.
We strongly recommend using this LICORICE product indoors on PVC or Wooden floor.


€ 1.45

More info about Licorice

Buy your LICORICE  Core.

Except for the standard White color
there are also other really nice colors!

If your normal LICORICE Rope has been broken in half due a lot of jumping, you can replace it here.
Just order per meter! or in standard lengths.
The following colors are available.Just order per meter! or in standard lengths.

    • Blue.
    • Blue transparent.
    • Yellow.
    • Green.
    • Green fluorescent
    • Green transparent
    • Orange.
    • Purple.
    • Purple transparent
    • Red.
    • Pink.
    • Pink fluorescent
    • White.
    • Black.