Use only indoors

Do not use for Jumping outside.
We strongly recommend using this REV2 SUPER SPEED JUMP ROPE indoors on PVC or Wooden floor.

Size your rope

Some Tips for Customizing Your REV2 SPEED JUMP ROPE.
It is important that you cut the Wire at once with a sharp forceps. We always use a concretor's nippers for cutting steel Wire. The SS Speedwire of REV2 SUPER SPEED JUMP ROPE is made up of a number of twisted thinner steel Wires. Therefore, first put some Tape on the place were you want to cut. It makes it easyer to put the Wire into the wirebus afterwards.

Rev2 super speed rope

€ 24.95

More info about Rev2 super speed rope

REV2 SUPER SPEED ROPE features the latest innovative design to maximize your Double Unders and making it the fastest Jump Rope in the World.

Used by Crossfit, MMA, TRX, Olympic Athletes,
Fitness Pros and World Class Jumpers.

This REV2 SUPER SPEED ROPE can turn at Super Speeds up to 7+ revolutions per second!!

  • O-ring swivel bearing system creates tangle free turning and natural Arc of the Rope.
  • Making it easyer to perform Double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintuple Unders.
  • Adjustment and Attachment System prevents slipping and popping of Cable.
  • Adjust Wire length with normal cutting pliers.
  • Cables are replaceable – Use Hex Key to secure and replace Cable.
  • Comes with its own REV2 SUPER SPEED ROPE Carry Pouch.

Attention! This REV2 SUPER SPEED ROPE is only recommended if you're a trained Jumper, it requires proper fitness, coordination and technique of Jumping.
So buy this REV2 SUPER SPEED ROPE only if you have gained sufficient experience with, e.g. a Licorice Rope; a Beaded Rope or a Do-It-Yourself Speed Rope.

This to prevents disappointment.