Frequently Asked Questions


I am looking for help / tips for jump rope / Rope Skipping.

For workshops on Rope Skipping you can take a look at
If you don't find what you are looking for, please send an e-mail to

I have placed an order but don't get a reaction or conformation from you?

Sometimes unfortunately it can happen that an order is not received by us due to technical errors.
If this happens then we kindly ask you to contact us directly via the form on the 'Our contact form' page at the bottom middle of the website so that your order can still be processed.


How long does my rope have to be? (to choose the right rope length when ordering)

If you stand with both feet on the middle of the rope and pull the handles along your body, they should come to your armpits.

A guideline for the length can be:


under 4'0" (1.30m)

      6-ft rope lengte

4'0" to 4'9" (1.30m - 1.50m)

      7-ft rope lengte

4'10" to 5'3" (1.50m - 1.70m)

      8-ft rope lengte

5'4" to 5'10" (1.70m - 1.90m)

      9-ft rope lengte 

5'11" + (1.90m +)

     10-ft rope lengte 

When ordering ropes you can choose from the different lengths.

I want a color core / handle / length / type rope and I can't find it.

If you can not find what you want, please contact us directly via the form on the 'Our contact form' page at the bottom middle of the website. We can make a lot possible!

How long is 1 feet?

1 feet is approximately 30,50 centimeter.

Why a beaded rope?

A beaded rope is more resistant to outdoor use and the use (tug-of-war) by children.
So do in such situations is a good idea to choose a beaded rope instead of a normal rope.


When will my order be shipped?

As soon as your payment is received and the order is in stock, your order will be sent. In the case of cash on delivery, PayPal or iDEAL, the order will of course be shipped immediately, provided it is in stock.

What are the shipping costs?

This depends on the size of your order and the location to which the whole must be sent (inland / abroad), etcetera.

How is my order shipped?

All our letterbox shipments are carried out by as standard.
Package delivery by DHL.
When the order arrived in the country of destination, the delivery will be done by the local post/network partner!

My order has not arrived yet ...

Please contact us via the form in the 'Our contact form' page at the bottom middle of this website. We will go after it!!

I live abroad .... does this cost extra?

For shipments abroad, the costs are charged on the basis of the actual costs. Costs depends on where it is to be sent and what you order.


How can I pay?

There are four payment options:

Vooraf overmaken - Pre-transfer (bank transfer)
Rembours - Cash on delivery
- iDEAL / Bancontact / SOFORT Banking / EPS / Giropay
PayPal - PayPal

Why do I have to pay in advance?

In the past we have had bad experiences with people to whom we have sent the products in advance and after which there has never been paid. For that reason we have decided to always receive a payment before we send the order to you.

Is my online payment safe?

Your online payment is handled by our Payment Service Provider Mollie. Mollie makes online payment in this webshop possible by offering online payment methods such as iDEAL and Bancontact / Mister Cash and Mollie takes care of the correct processing of your transaction. The webshop is therefore responsible for the processing of your order and Mollie for the processing of your online payment. Payments via PayPal are handled by PayPal.

Look at the Website of Mollie

Online payments in this webshop are handled securely by ICEPAY

How can I pay from outside of The Netherlands?

For payment outside of The Netherlands please use the following banking information.

Naam/ Name: Jumping Spirit
Adres/ Address: Vaartweg 78, 1411 TS Naarden
Account number: 6009041
IBAN: NL88INGB0006009041

Secure online payments with Payment Service Provider Mollie

As a Payment Service Provider, Mollie offers merchants the possibility to offer all kinds of payment methods, such as iDEAL / Bancontact / SOFORT Banking / EPS and Giropay, in our webshop. This way, you as a consumer can do your online transaction to Jumping Spirit in a safe and sound payment environment. Mollie is only responsible for the handling of your online payment and does not have any influence on the delivery of your online ordered products and services.

You can find more information about your online payment at the Mollie website.